Little Hula Hooping Prodigy Discovered at Lola Star!!

December 14, 2010

Introducing…. Chloe, little hooping star extraordinaire!!

Chloe had no idea that the reason her mom suggested she wear this adorable purple fluffy skirt during their girls afternoon on the town was because she was about to be presented with a matching furry HULA HOOP!  Her mom took her to Lola Star Soho to surprise her with this incredible custom made furry hoop!  Chloe was thrilled the moment she saw her wonderful gift!  With a serious look in her eyes which only the most fabulous hula hooping pros posess, she grabbed the hoop and immediately started to hoop like a star!  Her adorable curls were bouncing to the beat as the hoop made glittering circles around her!!  We were already impressed with Chloe’s incredible hooping skills but then she busted out with her amazing hoop dance moves!  THEN Chloe reached for a second hoop and started hooping with TWO hula hoops (and one hoop was the furry hoop which makes it extra difficult!!)  Amazing!!

We can’t wait to see Chloe’s hooping skills and moves flourish!  She truly is a little star!!

P.S.  It is no wonder that Chloe posses such style, spunk and pazzazz, her mom is the Roller Skating Leopard Vixen featured earlier this month!!


Two New Tee Shirt Designs Debut!!

December 11, 2010

We are so happy to introduce the New York Bunny and Lightning Bolt Unicorn to the Lola Star line! They will debut in our Soho Shop tomorrow morning! Be the first on your block to rock one of these adorable new Lola Star designs!!!


Groove-a-licious Hot Pink Electricity!!

December 10, 2010

Miyabi danced her way from Osaka, Japan all the way to Lola’s fabulous Soho Boutique!   The hot pink fluffy ear muffs she bought at Lola Star perfectly match her fluffy hula hoop and electric groove!


Minty Sea Green Air and Dark Dreamy Magic!

December 9, 2010

Lola has been collecting Tara McPherson’s art for almost a decade! Her sexy, mysterious visions fill almost every room of Lola’s home!

We are so thrilled to be selling Tara’s gorgeous art at out Soho Boutique!!

One of Lola’s goals with her new boutique was to bring you amazing, affordable art! You can have one of Tara McPherson’s brilliant lithographs hanging in your home for just $5-$40!!!



Hoop-a-riffic Holidays!!

December 8, 2010

What do you buy the adult or child who has everything? How about a Lola Star custom hula hoop! Decorate your unique, one of a kind hula hoop with your favorite colors, glitter, patterns…. Even colorful fake fur!!! Hoops are all handmade by a fabulous hooping expert who crafts hoops for the most famous hoopers in the world!

If you’ve mastered basic hooping and are wondering what to do next with your hoop…. Look no further! Lola Star has an exceptional selection of Hoop Dance and Hoop work out DVDs!!

We can ship the custom hoops anywhere in the US or pick it up at our Soho Boutique! But don’t delay! Hoops take two weeks (or less) to create! So order today to guarantee holiday delivery!



Arch Angela Gets Her Wings

December 6, 2010

Angela was starstruck the moment she saw these amazing angel wing earrings! Like fate she knew it was meant to be! “These are going down in the history of my life!” says Angela. She purposely wore the right wing on her left ear! When we asked her about the significance, she said “the right wing of sharing worn on the left side of receiving”. Angela could not stop smiling!

Fabulous Floridian Hoopers

December 5, 2010

As they walked by Lola star they couldn’t help but notice our beautiful bright hula hoops! Their lives were complete once they ordered their custom hoops to match their cherry red truck and lifestyle out in sunny Florida !

Strawberry Ear Muffs for Strawberry Fields!

December 5, 2010

Burlesque babe, Strawberry Fields, came to the Lola Star Soho Boutique for a fabulous Fan Dancing Class at out dance studio and left with the most perfectly adorable ear muffs! Strawberry Fields looks irresistibly delicious in her strawberry ear muffs!!

Seat Hearts!!! World Debut at Lola Star Today!!!

November 29, 2010

Gasp…. Omg…. We are sooooo in love with these Heart Seats! They arrived moments ago…. and they are absolutely gorgeous!

To celebrate the World Debut of the Heart Seats, we are giving away Jellio gift bags to the first customers who mention this fabulous prize!  FREE Candy Jewelry for all!!!

Be the first to gaze in sugary delight at this product of Jellio’s mastermind of sweetness!  Jellio Seat Hearts are only $500 at Lola Star!!!

Leopard Vixen Rolls Again!

November 28, 2010

Kira was no stranger to the Roxy Roller Rink! Back in the day, she use to frequent the legendary Manhattan Rink with her father on Saturday afternoons! Although it had been quite a while since she’d gotten decked out in her gymnastics costume and skated at the Roxy, her hot skate moves came right back to her as soon as she tried on her fabulous new Leopard Print skates!