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Coney Island is for lovers !

June 25, 2011

Bonkers was 3rd place in June 12th contest for bring your pet day


Coney Island is for Lovers!!

January 8, 2011

Calling all Coney Island Lovebirds!

Send us your Coney Island Love Story!!!

Did you fall in love in Coney Island? Is it your special romantic date place? Did your grandparents meet in Coney Island? Did your parents get married in CI?

Please send Lola Star your photo/story and we will feature your love in our “Coney Island is for Lovers” Valentines window display at our Lola Star Soho Pop Up Boutique (435 Broome St, at Broadway)!  We will also feature your romantic love story and photo on our web site!

Win a $50 gift Certificate to Lola Star!  We will award the most romantic love story in the Contemporary and Vintage (1960 or earlier) Love story categories with a $50 Gift Certificate to Lola Star!!

Free Lola Star Coney Island Lovebirds tote bag for all who contribute!

Please complete submit your name and love story below!  We will send an email to you to request your photo!

The Next P.T. Barnum Sells His Curiosities at Lola Star!

December 20, 2010

Charlie’s obsession with mermaids led him to discover the Lola Star Boutique when he was just four years old!  He has been a regular customer ever since! This is a photo of Charlie, from his younger days, modeling his favorite Mermaid Day tee at our Boardwalk Boutique:

Charlie began his research into the world of fantastical curiosities when he was a toddler. His love of mermaids broughgt him to the life transforming discovery of Coney Island and the legendary Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida! His exploration of these lands of enchantment inspired his new obsession with shrunken heads, Fiji Mermaids and other taxidermy creations!

Inspired by Coney Island visionaries like Takeshi Yamada (pictured above), Charlie began to craft his own oddities! Now, at the age of 12, this young oddity connoisseur and artist is selling his creations at Lola Star!

Be the very first collector have one of Charlie’s exquisite shrunken heads!  Available now at the Lola Star Soho Boutique!!!

Mind-blowing Wilderness Downtown!

December 15, 2010

This is so incredible.  It totally blew my mind!

I adore Arcade Fire!  This video for their amazing song “Wilderness Downtown” which utalizes

“Choreographed windows, interactive flocking, custom rendered maps, real-time compositing, procedural drawing, 3D canvas rendering”

makes me love them even more!!

After you watch the video using your address type in this address

1205 Boardwalk, Brooklyn, NY 11224

For a fascinating journey through a Coney Island in transition set to a perfect song….

This video is truly magical.  Experience The Wilderness Downtown

Minty Sea Green Air and Dark Dreamy Magic!

December 9, 2010

Lola has been collecting Tara McPherson’s art for almost a decade! Her sexy, mysterious visions fill almost every room of Lola’s home!

We are so thrilled to be selling Tara’s gorgeous art at out Soho Boutique!!

One of Lola’s goals with her new boutique was to bring you amazing, affordable art! You can have one of Tara McPherson’s brilliant lithographs hanging in your home for just $5-$40!!!




November 23, 2010

Pink Time Capsul of 80s Madness!!

We are so thrilled to be selling the strange, bazaar and super pink “Pink-o-llage” creations of Joe Giordano!   He created this series of “Pink-o-llage” colages in the 80s as an expression of “Anti Art” because “hardly anything was pink back in those days.” Joe stated “the only things that were pink 30 years ago were peptobismol and jumbo hair rollers!”

His pink images are full of strange juxtapositions and random elements positioned together in a delightfully disconcerting, hilarious, strangely and beautiful compositions!

Don’t miss this opportunity to own one of these spectacular Pink-o-lages!! Original One of a Kind Pink-o-llages – $300

Illuminated Book of Adventures in America!!

May 14, 2010

The hour passed and the sun began to set.  Still these two visitors from London Egland sat at the picnic tables at Ruby’s this afternoon, enthralled in their sketching!

Cleo and Robert spent this sunny seaside afternoon working on most delightful travel journal.  The book of colorful sketches they were creating documents their travels and the adventure of their first trip to America!!  They arrived just a few days ago!  Already they had illustrated their vist to Katz’s Deli, The Staten Island Ferry, Williamsburg, and the highlight of their trip thus far, Coney Isalnd!!  My favorite page in their book is the first one!  It depicts Cleo packing her belongings into a pink and white striped suit case for their big trip across the sea!  It was so inspiring to see this couple sketching at the picnic table all afternoon and even more inspiring when I actually saw the cute sketches they were working on!

VOTE for your Favorite Theme Party Idea!

April 14, 2010

Dreamland Roller Rink has some amazing surprises in store for you for the 2010 skate season!  We will be announcing our line up of incredible parties and events very soon!

But Before we do, we are giving you the opportunity to live out your wildest dress up fantasy on roller skates!  That’s right!  This is your opportunity to SUGGEST your own skate party theme and VOTE for which theme parties we host at Dreamalnd Roller Rink!

Below you will find some suggestions my fabulous Facebook and Twitter friends have already submitted!

Diana Shumate
Alphabet Theme
Mustache& wig party
Sci Fi night
Under the water party – Coney in 1930

Donna Hughes
A patriotic theme everything USA To show pride it the Red, White and Blue!

Qiana Tara
Old Hollywood Movie Stars or Jazz Musician theme!!

Gary Contessa
Clash of the Greek Mythology Party, it would be kick ass to see Medusa Skating around!

Robin Dann
Zombie night
20’s night
“Jazz Age Night,”

Brian Kramer
Rocky horror nite

Rik Rocket
Medieval Times nite

Giovanna Carrola
classic female villains

Buck Ralphie
superhero night
mobster night
hanna barbera night

Ishmael C. Alvarado
“Starlight Express” night

Rik Rocket
“Xanadu” nite·

Leslie De Jesus
80s new wave night,
David Bowie Skate Party
pop divas skate night (Mariah, Cher, Whitney, etc)
Zoolander Model Skate off
Aerosmith Skate Tribute Party
Joan Jett and Ladies of Rock Skate Night
Lady Gaga Skate Tribute!!!!

Annie Cherry

Jo Weldon
1970s key party!

Little Brooklyn
beach blanket bingo bikini on wheels or a la sesame street

Carmela Mungo Fiorica
How about a GREASE theme

Jo Weldon
Big Wigs. A bunch of people skating around with huge hair.

Chelsea Peluso
Out-there bathing wear! Make or alter your suits in outlandish ways!
Tiki gods!

Norman Blake
Pirate Night, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggg
Circus theme have evryone come as clowns or other circus performers.

Coney Isle Cyclone
Coney Island Night, where people dress up as their fave sideshow freak or incorporate some element of their fave ride or attraction into their costume. Could be something as basic as a T-shirt or as elaborate as a customized costume

Robert Ross
how about Mother-In-Law Day?

Taylor Stein
Warriors skate night

Burgundy Brixx
“Hell on Wheels” Satan, demons and sinners skating to their lil’ black hearts’ content. Includes such favorites as zombies and haunted souls.

Robert Ross
Rock ‘n’ Roller NITE!! Yeah baby !!!

Nuno Santos
Jersey Shore theme night (Ed Hardy shirts, boofy hair & a toxic amount of Axe spray),
Haunted Halloween Zombie Peeps in the Summer (celebrate the Dreamland Peeps factory heritage with a peeps halloween skate in the middle of the summer;),
Shimmer Fantasy Night (DYI Shimmer costume interpretations)
John Hughes Night
Dynasty skate (featuring a reenactment of the Crystal-Alexis fight…on skates)

Robert Ross
A Mid Summer Night’s Steam – dripping sweat, melted faces, flames, and charred flesh on wheels

Raja Azar
’90s night so I can spin all my Sir Mix-A-Lot records!

Tara Bridget Moseder

Kevin Rose
Luau! Aloha gear required..

Alan Ulrich
60,s surf .go go dancers, etc.

Natalie Kocsis
KISS night… or like, 80s Hair Metal! But Kiss would be good for costuming!
Ghostbusters Night
Fantasy night (or Labyrinth?) (aka… unicorns, princesses, elves, warriors, castles)
Girls Just Wanna Have fun (Cyndi Lauper night)
Tim Burton Night (come as any Tim Burton character)…

T Crafty
Candyland Theme

Robert Schneider
FlashBack. Pick any decade and go with it.

Wow!  Isn’t that the most incredible list of fabulously fun party ideas!  Submit yours ideas and vote for your favorites in the comment space below!

If we use your suggestion you will be the guest of honor at that particular theme party!  You will win FREE admission and skate rentals!  You will also be awarded with a FREE Lola Star tee shirt!  PLUS you will be able to indulge your soul and live out your favorite Dress Up Fantasy on Roller Skates!

Start dreaming up ideas today! And start gearing up for the fabulous  roller skating summer EVER at Dreamland Roller Rink!!  Winners will be announced next week!

Paddlin’ to an Urban Daydream!!

March 22, 2010

New York is amazing because you can create whatever life you wish here. There are so many incredible secrets in this city and infinite surprise adventures to be had!

Yesterday we paddled around Jamaica Bay in Queens in a rickety little canoe! Our boating adventure culminated in a lovely sunset picnic in the wildlife refuge! The vista from our secluded picnic spot provided an amazing contrast of urban development, wildlife, nature and a mysterious archaeology of an abandoned ship graveyard.

As we paddled through the wildlife it was hard to believe that we were actually in Queens, New York City! What a fabulous urban adventure!!

Firecracker Glitter Twinkles in Black Puddles

February 28, 2010

Coney Island lovers possess an insatiable love of dichotomy….an infatuation with the paradox of the bright and sublime juxtaposed against the gritty and frightful!

As I walked down the streets of Chinatown after the Firecracker Parade I was struck by the beauty of the debris… the contrast of the colorful firecracker remains against the black snow! The purity of the white city snow only lasts for half a millisecond before it becomes dark city slush! The colorful, sparkling firecracker remains floated down the gritty streets in black puddles!

Intoxicated by the diachotomy I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of every black puddle and gray slushy snowdrift that twinkled with glittering debris!