Illuminated Book of Adventures in America!!

The hour passed and the sun began to set.  Still these two visitors from London Egland sat at the picnic tables at Ruby’s this afternoon, enthralled in their sketching!

Cleo and Robert spent this sunny seaside afternoon working on most delightful travel journal.  The book of colorful sketches they were creating documents their travels and the adventure of their first trip to America!!  They arrived just a few days ago!  Already they had illustrated their vist to Katz’s Deli, The Staten Island Ferry, Williamsburg, and the highlight of their trip thus far, Coney Isalnd!!  My favorite page in their book is the first one!  It depicts Cleo packing her belongings into a pink and white striped suit case for their big trip across the sea!  It was so inspiring to see this couple sketching at the picnic table all afternoon and even more inspiring when I actually saw the cute sketches they were working on!


2 Responses to “Illuminated Book of Adventures in America!!”

  1. cleo Says:

    ahah! thank you lola star, it was lovely to meet you!
    we loved Coney island so much!!
    xxx from London

  2. Jillian Says:

    This is the most inspirational thing i’ve seen in a long time. That’s so cute


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