Dear Dreamland Skaters and Coney Lovers,

It breaks my heart to have to tell you this.

Dreamland Roller Rink will not be celebrating our third season inside the beautiful Childs Building in Coney Island.  To my surprise, I just found out that the owners of the building have decided not to allow Dreamland Roller Rink to continue illuminating their space with roller skating bliss!!   It is a shame not only for myself and the business I’ve built there, but also for the Coney Island and Roller Skating communities.  It was amazing to have this fabulous historical landmark building, which had been dormant and abandoned for so long, active and full of life.  I am afraid that now it will once again be boarded up and vacant for quite some time.

I am so tremendously proud of the fabulous place that Dreamland Roller Rink was.  It’s magic amazes me every single time I walked through the door.  I had some of the most incredible roller skating times and met some of the most incredible people in this space.   I deeply cherish that experience.  Thank you to everyone who made the dream of Dreamland Roller Rink a reality.   It truly was the most magical place in which I’ve ever set foot (or skate!).

I will miss all of  Dreamland Roller Rink’s fabulous skaters so much.  Please visit me at my fabulous Lola Star Souvenir Boutique on the boardwalk, and at my brand new Lola Star Surf Shop on Surf Ave inside the Stilwell Ave Subway Station in Coney Island.

Please sign up for our email list to receive notifications about the opening of our new Rink and the exciting Roller Skating parties we will be throwing in various bars and rinks across the country until then!

Again, I am very, very sorry to disappoint you with this news.  Hopefully this is not the end, but a new beginning for Dreamland Roller Rink!


Lola Star






16 Responses to “Dear Dreamland Skaters and Coney Lovers,”

  1. ToniAnn Says:

    This is such sad news.
    Have you looked into Abe Stark? (the ice skating rink righ next to the childs building) They closed on March 28th for the Summer. Maybe they are interested in giving Dreamland a summer home!


  2. Andrea Says:

    It’s only just begun! everything happens for a reason, good things will come!

  3. Lucille Says:

    Hey, Sorry to hear the sad news. Have you thought about renting a space 1 or 2 nights a week and hosting rollerskating parties??? Maybe make special events for schools and scouting groups…to get the next generation involved…just throwing out ideas…..

    • Lola Staar Says:

      Thanks Lucille! Yes, That is a great idea! I am hoping this will lead to new opportunities and intent do host fun skating parties at various venues in the mean time! If anyone has any suggestions about possible venues, please let me know! Thanks for your support!

  4. Kaze Says:

    While not a skater, I was thrilled to be able to step inside a building I have long admired.

    Thanks for all you have done for Coney Island and for the Child’s Building.

  5. Irena Says:

    Hi Lola,

    Is there any possibility of negotiating with Taconic? The location was absolutely splendid, the rink was great fun, and you are a true New Yorker with persistence and grace under pressure. maybe we can get the $ for the liability insurance? I would be happy to help!!!!!

    • ToniAnn Says:

      Ooooh – I love the idea of a fundraiser for Dreamland! Lola, if this is possible, talk to me about a cupcake donation!

  6. mary Says:

    There’s a big building that used to be a giant party shop, but that moved years ago, and I’m pretty sure the space is empty now. I always walk past it and think what a great roller rink it could be, with a parking lot, right next to a stop on the N train, and down the block from an awesome karaoke place. 6002 Fort Hamilton Pkwy, Brooklyn.

    Lots of luck!

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  11. Roxanne Says:

    I have to say that I am so sorry,I did not get the opportunity to take my son to the roller rank. I know what it is to put on a pair of skates and listen to music and just have fun. I would love to be informed of where the next opening will be.Because I will be there my son.
    I will pray that GOD will open up doors to the place that you will never have to moving but making sure that everyone have a time of their lives once entering those doors.

    God Bless

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