Sxip Sonic New York Rocks Dreamland

What do you get when you take human beat box beats, a harmonica, strange instruments, ethereal phenomena and weird sonic devices…. well, Sxip Shirey, of course!!  Here is the brilliant madman of ephemerally thunderous sounds, modeling his brand new Lola Star New York Roller Derby Skate or Die tee! Sxip is a real life circus composer who has toured the world performing in an eclectic array of amazing instruments and venues including opening for the Dresden Dolls.  He is currently opening for Amanda Palmer!

Sxip just released his amazing album, Sonic New York!  This masterpiece of over 10 years worth of compositions narrates the quirks, mysteries and fun of living in New York City!

Sonic New York debuts Sxip’s Roller Pop anthem, Dreamland!  This song features amazing vocals by Rhiannon Giddens from the Carolina Chocolate Drops!  We are thrilled to be hosting Sxip’s release party at Dreamland Roller Rink!  Stay tuned for exciting details about a limited edition vinyl release of the song, Dreamland, with original artwork by Lola Star!!

In addition to Dreamland, the album features brilliant New York songs like The Ghost of the Gowanus Canal, The Bed Bugs are Back, Caterpillar Crawls Through Chinatown, the Brooklyn Bridge Song, Punk Rockers Pounding a Piano into Junk and more!  Pick up a copy of your very own at the Lola Star Souvenir Boutique!


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