Miss. Cyclone and her Coney-riffic nephews!!

Kasey and Jackson are rockin’ their Lola Star Funny Face tee shirts on this beautiful, sunny morning in Coney Island!  They are chillin’ on the beach with their amazing aunt, Miss. Cyclone!  What could possibly be cooler than having Miss. Cyclone for an aunt?!?!  Fabulous burlesque performer Angie Pontani proudly represents Coney Island’s famous thrill ride, the Cyclone Roller Coaster!  As Angie soared through the sky on the very first Cyclone ride of the 2010 season, her nephews (still too young to ride themeselves) looked on with a dazzled look in their eyes!  Kasey and Jackson can’t wait for the day when they too can ride the historic Cyclone with Miss. Cyclone!  Until then, they’ll be chillin’ in their matching Lola Star Funny Face tee shirts at the kiddie park, basking in the sunshine on the beach and being mystified by the fish at the aquarium with their fantastic mom, Tara Pontani!


One Response to “Miss. Cyclone and her Coney-riffic nephews!!”

  1. Scott Says:

    Adorable! But what can be better than having Miss Cyclone for your aunt? Duh, when she wins the title of Miss Coney Island this year, then that’ll be better. Stay tuned.

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