The Flying Karamazov Brothers Juggle and Amaze!!

Last night my super debonaire date took me see the amazing Flying Karamozov Brothers! We loved it! Don’t miss this hilarious, gravity defying, awe-inspiring juggling show! They are in New York, performing at Minetta Lane Theater, unil March 7th!

The brothers juggle all sorts of odd objects while a continuous banter of funny jokes make your stomach hurt with laughter! They create amazing musical beats with their juggling objects and do strange and hypnotically hilarious dances. In one number, the brothers challenge the audience to supply objects to be juggled. Audience members, obviously anticipating this act, supplied a sardine, a messy taco and a bowl of sugar!! Other acts of gravity and grace simply must be seen in order to be believed! Check it out!!


One Response to “The Flying Karamazov Brothers Juggle and Amaze!!”

  1. Roderick Kimball Says:

    Hey, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the review.

    Rod, aka Pavel Karamazov

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