Year of the Tiger Chinatown Spectacular!!

Chinatown is one of the most inspiring places in New York City!  I have taken many inspiration seeking adventures to it’s bright mysterious streets. 

Today we celebrated the beginning of the Year of the Tiger at New York’s Chinese New Year Parade!!  Sparkling tinsel danced in the sunny winter sky!  Colorful fireworks burst across the cheering crowds!  Dragons swirled in the street!  Music played and beautiful Chinese princesses danced!

Chinese astrology predicts that the Year of the Tiger will be a year of  unpredictable, courageous and explosive change!!   The Tiger is one of the most dynamic and powerful signs in Chinese astrology.  The tiger brings a whirlwind of power and passion!

The dynamic powers of the Tiger are already brewing up a fabulous year of tremendous change for Lola Star and Coney Island!!  2009, the Year of the Cow, has taught me many difficult lessons!  I am so ready to use those lessons and grow in the powerful energy of the Tiger!

Happy Year of the Tiger!!  May your heart swoon in the passionate and dynamic change of 2010!!


One Response to “Year of the Tiger Chinatown Spectacular!!”

  1. angelnstar Says:

    Both Gordon Brown and Harriet Harman are Metal Tigers. I was surprised how accurate these Chinese astrology analyses were.

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