Hazy Shade of Coney

photo by Lola Staar

A deep calm stillness hung in the seaside air on the Coney Island beach today. Like a delightful secret whose quite irony would shock anyone who had only visited Coney Island on a boisterous, crowded summer day. The only sound in the thick, hazy, gray air was the sound of the big winter waves crashing against the beach. Coney Island has millions of secrets like this; which she gives away freely. Like a seductive siren she lures lovers to shore with her enchanting mystery. Leaving you craving more, so you return again and again. Some days I feel like this power of enchantment will endure forever, through whatever changes may challenge Coney Island. But sometimes I feel like it is an ephemeral beauty and which I have to to accept will not last forever.

photo by Lola Staar

On the cusp of change as she wavers between what remains and what is lost, it only makes these secrets of a calm winter day even more enticing and entrancing.


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