Polar Bear Couture 2010

No one knows how to throw a party quite like the Coney Island Polar Bears! And the New Year’s Day Polar Bear Swim is absolutely the BEST New Year’s party in the entire universe!!

Photo by Bailey Photography

For most, the new year begins at midnight. However, Coney Island lovers believe the New Year dosen’t begin until that exhilerating moment when thousands of revelers dive into the freezing cold ocean!

Photo by Kevin Downs

Coney Island has always inspired visitors to exhault in the elation of expressing their free, uninhibited selves! Hence, it inspires some of the most fascinating expressions of fashion one has ever witnessed!

Photo by Bailey Photography

Any true Fashion-ista knows Coney Island is where it’s at! The Polar Bear Coney-istas were out in full Force on New Years Day 2010! Here are a few of the Polar Bear Couture highlights:

Photo by Bailey Photography

Photo by Tricia Vita

Photo by Tricia Vita

Photo by Robbie Bailey

photo by Tricia Vita

This lovely lady’s daughter (who was wearing a pair of audacious American Flag Pants) made this New Year’s hat to wear herself but her mother stole the hat and the show at Ruby’s Bar and Grill! She was the hit of the New Year’s party at Ruby’s!!

Photo by Tricia Vita

Even the little doggies rock their most fabulous outfits to strut their stuff on the Coney Island Boardwalk on New Year’s Day!!

Photo by Bailey Photography

Why is Shimmer looking so serious in 2010? No doubt, she is plotting a way to escape from Raja and I (wearing our matching Bunny-bear hats) so that she can flirt with the person working the grill at Ruby’s to get a hot dog!

To view more Coney Island New Year Spectacles check out

Bailey Photography’s photo essay in Time Out Magazine and

Amusing The Zillions New Year’s Day Photo Album

Happy New Year from Shimmer and Lola Staar!!!


One Response to “Polar Bear Couture 2010”

  1. Tricia Says:

    Loved the title of your post. I wonder if some of these folks will reprise their costumes for the Mermaid Parade?!

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