Rockabilly Revolutionary Rocks Her Lola Staar Tee

Lovebird Revolutionary

We spotted playwright, Chelsea Peluso, lookin’ FINE in her Lola Staar Lovebirds tee at the Save Coney Island Meeting on Monday!  Chelsea, whose play ‘Like We Wasn’t People’ was performed 0ff-Broadway this past August, defines her style as “a mesh of 40’s/ 50’s Rockabilly girliness and 70’s denim lovin’!”

When Chelsea isn’t shining on off-Broadway or “standing up for the most fun and historic destination on the East Coast”, she regularly shops at Lola Staar’s Souvenir Boutique and gets her groove on at Dreamland Roller Rink!  She loves Lola Staar because “I adore bright hair colors and all things feathered, glittered, and sequined! My Lola Star Tees (I have a few!) are a favorite- they pair perfectly with all my outfits, from a pencil skirt n’ heels to a worn pair of bell bottoms”

The Save Coney Island Organization is one of the most fabulously colorful Community Activist groups on the planet!  Chelsea contributes her sassy style and creative savvy to the cause because “I know, with everyone’s efforts, Coney Island will continue to be a fertile ground for small business growth and outdoor amusements for kids of every age!  I hope to see the area re-developed in a way that shows respect for the character of the area, which includes refurbishing historic buildings and allowing small businesses, not corporate chains, to thrive to provide enjoyment for visitors for years to come!”

Thanks Chelsea, for rockin’ the Save Coney Island revolution and lookin’ super cute while doing so!


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